‘We liked their products so much, we bought the business’

Munising – Norway Springs has been the leader for 10 years delivering locally bottled water throughout the central Upper Peninsula. Now they have combined with Wayne the Water Guy to bring people a broad range of water solutions, from individual coolers to full household filtration services.

Norway Springs delivers 5-gallon water bottles to the central Upper Peninsula. They deliver to homes, commercial and industrial spaces, so no matter where you want your crisp, clean water you can get it.

“Many people say to us, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you could get this at home.’ But 50 percent of our business is delivering to homes,” said Norway Springs General Manager Lisa McRoberts. “People used to think that Norway Springs Water Service was for offices only, but for the last five years we have been taking care of families and children in the U.P. as well. We help keep them drinking healthy water rather than sugary drinks and sodas.”

Norway Springs also provides hot and cold water coolers for rent. The great thing about the water cooler is that there is no need for further refrigeration or microwaving the cold is around 35 degrees and the hot spigot is protected with a child proof spigot and comes out piping hot, great for instant coffees, tea, soups-to-go and oatmeal.

“We deliver to anyone in our area. We’ve got annual cost savings plans that are great for small or large families or offices. We have many single people who are on the smaller plan too,” McRoberts said. “We have a range of options to meet our customers’ needs, big or small we can service them all!”

If someone were interested in trying their services; Norway Springs offers starter plans, where you can get free bottles of water and a free hot and cold water cooler to try for a month at no cost. It’s a great opportunity to try these services and realize how great water can really be. Delivery is free for all plans.

McRoberts went on to mention “something that has become very popular with some of our customers is to give the gift of health for a holiday including birthdays. We have surprised many people with a water cooler and bottles to their home or office, the response has been priceless.”

There are two types of water that can be purchased. There’s purified water, which is reverse osmosis water and there is Artesian water, which comes right from the underground aquifers in Norway. With two warehouse locations – one in Norway and one in Marquette – anyone in the central U.P. can get great Norway Springs water.

“We test our water on an hourly basis, so we know the water is always maintained and consistent,” McRoberts said. “And the coolers that we offer are always industrial-strength coolers. We offer bottom-load coolers for those who might not be able to lift the bottles, our newest water cooler is a bottom load water cooler with a coffee pot attached right to it, as well as the traditional top load coolers.”

If you’re interested in trying the service Norway Springs can provide, they will come to you with a water cooler and the number of bottles agreed upon, then Norway Springs delivers to your home or office on a regular four week delivery cycle, so you know what day we will be there. All you have to do is put your empty bottles out for the driver to pick up and you will receive a full bottle for every empty one.

“Let us come in and give you the free trial. Try it out and see how you like it,” McRoberts said. “Try it with your coffee, your cooking, and just for drinking. You’ll definitely notice a difference. People don’t realize that when they have iron and chlorine in their water, that truly changes the natural taste of water.”

Norway Springs has always seen the filtration business as another positive solution to the major water problems affecting many parts of the U.P. The reason they decided to buy Wayne the Water Guy is because they are well known in the community, well liked and respected, and therefore a natural partner to Norway Springs customer-focused business.

The acquisition became final Jan. 1 and the two companies began working together as one team, and still continue to service the central U.P. Wayne Johnson will continue to work with Norway Springs as their water expert. Their work to solve complex residential water problems with whole-house filtration solutions has become well known and respected across the area they service.

Johnson said his customers won’t see a difference in the level of service that they’ve had. In fact, there will be some improvements because of the distribution system that Norway Springs has, such as now offering salt delivery for water softeners.

“I’m still here. My same service guys are still taking care of them. What this is all about is Norway Springs wanting to be able to help more people than in the past and one of those ways is by utilizing our services, our expertise to help people with the whole house water challenges,” Johnson said. “It’s going to be a good combination. There’s going to be a lot of good synergy between the two companies.”

If any of Wayne the Water Guy’s clients have any questions about the merger, Johnson said they can still contact him at 250-0202 or McRoberts at 800-928-3704. Johnson and McRoberts will both be at the U.P. Builders Show at the Superior Dome in Marquette on March 8-10.

“Come out and meet us and see what we’re all about,” Johnson said. “We are going to have a functional, clear demonstration softener to show how they work and plenty of water to be sampled.”

For more information about Norway Springs, visit their website at www.norwaysprings.com or call 1-800-WATER-04. For more information or Wayne the Water Guy, visit his website at www.waynethewaterguy.com.