Two Agate swimmers move on to state after a dramatic sectional

By Adelle Whitefoot


After competing in the Section 7A tournament on Saturday, two swimmers from the Two Harbors-Silver Bay team qualified for state.
Junior Allie Mayfield and senior Leann Fynboh moved on to the Section A state swimtournament this week as both had a first and second place finish in sectionals on Saturday. Mayfield finished second in the 200 yard freestyle and first in the 500 yard freestyle. Fynboh finished second in the 100 yard breaststroke and first in the 50 yard freestyle. To make state, a swimmer had to place first or second in an event at sectionals, and that’s just what these two girls did and it isn’t their first time moving on.
This is Fynboh’s third time making it to the state tournament, only missing out on state in her freshman year. She has competed in the 50 yard freestyle at state before, but this is her first time moving on in the 100 yard breaststroke.
“It feels pretty awesome, even though this is my third time and I’m a senior,” Fynboh said. “I’m excited to get both, but I’m more excited about the 100 breaststroke because I really worked hard on that one.”
Fynboh said she was happy with her 50 yard freestyle time at sectionals, but is really pushing to beat the school record. Even though she didn’t beat the 50 yard freestyle school record, Fynboh did beat her record, which is the school record, for the 100 yard breaststroke. The 2013 record, held by Fynboh, was 1 minute, 11.84 seconds and at sectionals she recorded a time of 1:11.48.
“I’m super excited for state and since it’s my last year, I just want to give it all I got,” she said.
Agate Chelsea Kolkin beat a diving school record that was set in 1987. The record was 216.50 points and Kolkin received a score of 341.55 at sectionals. Mayfield also broke a record with her 200 yard freestyle time at sectionals. The previous record was set in 2000 with a time of 2:04.42. Mayfield beat that record with a time of 2:04.36. Even though she beat the 14 year old record, Mayfield was still a tough on herself and has higher expectations of herself.
“I like my times. They are OK, but I was hoping for better,” she said. “I want to get times that I approve of more.”
This is Mayfields second time going to state to compete in the 200 yard freestyle and the 500 yard freestyle, but after a decision was made by a judge at sectionals, she almost didn’t make it in one event.
On Saturday, after the 500 yard freestyle medals were handed out to the swimmers putting Mayfield in first place and her teammates Marina Schreiner in third place and Katarina Hanson in fifth place, all three girls were disqualified for getting out of the pool and back in after the race was finished. This disqualification was a huge blow to the girls and the team.
“I kept telling (the officials) please don’t do this and asked them if they really had to DQ them, and I was told that it was in the rulebook,” said head coach Heather Mayfield. “While I was dealing with that, little did I know that the other coaches in the section pulled out the rule book and started looking up the rule and found that the wrong call was made.”
Heather Mayfield said it felt amazing to have all of the other coaches sticking up for her girls, who were on a different team.
“It’s just incredible sportsmanship out of all of the girls and out of all of the other coaches,” she said. “For them to stick up for them and know that it was a bad call was just great.”
According to Kolkin, all of the Denfeld girls came up to the Agates and gave them all a hug and told them that they were a great team and were really strong even after all that happened and continued to compete in the rest of the tournament.
“It just shows that our girls have such good hearts and sportsmanship when the other teams are so supported,” Heather Mayfield said. “Allie said she doesn’t think she had ever gotten so many hugs in her life. Every coach even came up to me. I would not want to be a part of any other section then Section 7A. They’re incredible.”
After it was found that the wrong decision was made, the girls were re-awarded their medals and places in the 500 yard freestyle and gave Allie Mayfield one more try at the state level.